Wednesday, August 6, 2008

LumenLabs CNC

I was really interested to see the CNC based projects underway at LumenLabs. Traditionally LumenLabs supplied LCD projector kits - yes kits - for the hobbyist. But BrainChild - LumenLabs founder - is now branching into creating CNC robot kits.

The results so far are quite impressive with a miniature CNC gantry style robot available in kit form quite soon. This looks about the size of a Roland MX-15 but one quarter of the price. It doesn't look like you'd get much of a spindle on there though so I'm not sure it'd be up to cutting sheet aluminium - which is what I'd like.

But it's BrainChild's current project that really appeals - the much larger RoGR. This looks like a very cool CNC tool with lots of applications - I particularly like that BrainChild notes 'Chess partner' as a possible use case. Some of the kit parts are already available but I'd be very interested to see the completed plans. Expected price is around $2000 which would seem to be extremely good value if you don't mind putting it together yourself.

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