Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Jeff Atwood tells me that I have to keep the posts coming if I am to obtain anything from this writing process. It doesn't matter if they're good or bad - the posts must be written - sorry! He writes the excellent blog 'Coding Horror'. There's a lot of good stuff for coders in there as well as some nice humour. But it's the variety of topics that impresses me and keeps reminding me that I have to branch out a bit - perhaps.

Anyway, I'm currently looking into the possibility of taking on some kind of part time engineering course at a local community college to hone my practical machining skill's while I don't have any workshop of my own. I did find that the Thames Gateway College provides the C&G course that I have talked about before on a part time basis. However, they don't mention what 'part time' means in terms of timetable specifics. It might just mean 'three days a week' which wouldn't really work for me. I've put in an application anyway so we'll see what happens. I also got accepted on a Welding Course at Newham College but I'm not going to take it on now as I'd really like to crack on with some machining. Oddly Newham don't understand the concept of part time evening courses either. The classes are in the evenings but the enrollment is scheduled for 10:00am on a Tuesday? Work anyone?

Oh well, I could write more but the bus is pulling into Victoria now so it'll have to wait until my return journey. Should I re-title the blog: 'Elliot's banal bus blog'?

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